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Lifetime Commission

Saying "Top 10 best affiliate programs I always proudly represent" is not just a happening. It's an event. I really mean it.

In fact it's hard to find the best online affiliate programs and sometimes it depending on your niche. However, most factors I include are determining the merchants who do care for their affiliates succeed.

Having 6-figures affiliate income sitting in my bank account is fantastic. However, the money I earn from my affiliate business must respond to my honest works as well. I decided to enjoy my lifelong sharing knowledge and experiences on this site.

Therefore, writing only real information that you can make real affiliate income is the only way that you will gain benefits and occasionally come back to this site. nassorn_grin

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Lifetime Cookies Tracking Means
Lifetime Commissions!

Affiliate program that offers lifetime commissions are of course the best. Think about it...

quoteWhen a customer comes from your affiliate Website link, this is your referral forever. Though the customer decides to purchase another product today or next year, if they initially came from your affiliate link, you get the commission.

Unfortunately these kinds of programs are quite rare.

Three of My Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs Offer Lifetime Cookies Tracking...

High paying affiliate programs are very tempting but...

Before jumping into promote those programs, let me emphasize -- knowing how to get web traffic is critical to your affiliate marketing success.

Beware of the fact that, without traffic to your web site or too less traffic hits your site, you will NOT make any money though it’s the highest paying affiliate programs.

Therefore, knowing how to get web site traffic steadily is your major key to become a wealthy affiliate.

  1. SiteSell's 5 Pillars - My Primary Affiliate Program Offers Lifetime Cookies Tracking, Lifetime Commissions, Two Tier Affliate Program

  2. WordTracker - Always be My Top Ten Affiliate Program with Its Lifetime Commissions

  3. Automatic Backlinks - Lifetime Affiliate Program Tracking, Recurring Revenue
  4. Many merchants have short return cookie about 30 - 60 days-cookie which is not bad with an eBook, a low price product or simple product that easy to make decision. Other companies only pay you commission if someone buys the first time exactly from your affiliate link.

    Choosing at least long period cookies is important in selecting the merchant.

  5. VodaHost Web Hosing Affiliate Program - 2 Tier Affiliate Progrm that Allow Self-Referrals

  6. WebCEO Affiliate Program - Two Tier Affiliate Program that Sell a Must-Have Tool

  7. Link-Assistant Affiliate Program - Great Affiliate Program for Low Traffic Website

  8. Perry Marshall' Affiliate Program - Sells Hot, Rave-Review Products

The remaining of my 10 best affiliate programs is carefully evaluate.

Join Site Built It! - The Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs

Watch a Video Presentation about Site Built It! Here

  • Lifetime commissions. Your customer is yours for life with lifetime cookies tracking
  • Two tier affiliate program allows you earn additional income made by your own team of affiliates.
  • Earn residual income on each SBI! renewal and additional purchases according to SBI! lifetime customer policy.
  • Highest paying affiliate program $75-$250 per subscription.
  • 100% free to join SiteSell's 5 Pillar affiliate program.
  • Pay you via check or PayPal.

SiteSell Facebook SBI! is my all-time number one affiliate program that I do proud to promote not only because of their lifetime commission high paying program but also a very important why.

I use SBI! and SBI' action guide teach me the right way to build a successful Web business. I cannot build my affiliate web site successfully without their guide and tools. I love it.

Learn More About SiteSell's 5 Pillar Affiliate Program Click Here!

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Join WordTracker Affiliate Earn Lifetime Commission!

  • Lifetime commissions with their lifetime cookies tracking
  • Two tier affiliate program earn a 5% commission from your affiliate network sales
  • Earn residual income 15% of every sale on each renewal and additional purchases

I use the product intensively especially before building a new web page.

Wordtracker was established by Andy and Mike Mindel in 1997 to serve search engine marketing in finding the best keywords for your business and drive more traffic to your Website.

Although Wordtracker gives their affiliate a bit low rate at 15% of every sale, it still lists in the top of my 10 best affiliate programs. Not only because I made use of the product intensively so I have no doubt about its quality, but also...

  • Their lifetime cookie tracking is worth your effort.

  • Their two tier affiliate program allows you to build your own affiliate network. This means you earn a 5% commission from all their sales.

Learn more about Wordtracker affiliate program. It worths your time and energy to promote.

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Join Automatic Backlinks Affiliate Program

automatic backlinks best affiliate programAutomatic Backlinks is a service that helps webmasters and site owners improve their search engine rankings by exchanging relevant, quality (PR1 and above) links. Your links are automatically placed on up to hundreds of sites simply by displaying links on your own pages.

The idea for Automatic Backlinks was born out of frustration trying to manually find link partners.

  • Lifetime cookies tracking Automatic Backlinks' leading affiliate tracking software, Post Affiliate Pro uses combination of cookies and IP address to track referrals for best possible reliability
  • Recurring revenue share of 20% with no time limited.
  • The comissions are paid monthly by either PayPal or check.

Learn more about Automatic Backlinks product.

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Join VodaHost Web Hosing Affiliate Program
Earn Commissions on Your Own Purchases!

I am a satisfied user of Web hosting package from VodaHost web hosting company for my blogs and I wanted to share my success story with you. Their prices are great with high availability factor and unlimited sub-domains.

You definitely need Web hosting. You can refer yourself using the VodaHost Web Hosting Affiliate Program and receive the $70 commission!

  • Cookie tracking is valid for 999 days and is awarded on a first click basis.
  • 2 tier affiliate program allows you to earn an additional 15% commission on your sub-affiliates earnings
  • Self-Purchases. Award you $70 commission just for taking up an annually billed VodaHost web hosting account by clicking on your own affiliate link!
  • Earn $70 lifetime commission for each customer that renew for an annual web hosting
  • 100% free to join.
  • The VodaHost Affiliate Program can pay you via check or PayPal.

Learn More About VodaHost Web Hosting Affiliate Program Click Here!

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WebCEO - Two Tier Affiliate Program

Sell a unique product, which is a must-have tool for anyone who has a site and require building own free targeted Web traffic. And enjoy their offering…

  • Cookie expires in one year allow you to get your commission even if a visitor purchases WebCEO 364 days after their last visit.
  • Two tier system offers 10% commission on the sales of other affiliates whom you referred directly.
  • One of highest paying affiliate programs offer 15-30% commissions.
  • Monthly payouts via PayPal at very little amount of $25.

Web CEO, LTD established in 1992 as a provider of telecommunication services located at Ukraine. Nowadays the company is focused on software development through the flagship product in the digital era, Web CEO.

WebCEO is an easy and cost-effective software solution for search engine marketing and optimization, link building and web promotion, website traffic analysis, management and maintenance. It’s a must-have product for every Web business.

Learn More About WebCEO Affiliate Program Click Here!

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Link-Assistant affiliate program is one of the highest paying affiliate programs on the Internet with a long period cookies tracking.

  • Cookie expires in 1 year duration
  • High paying commission at 33% or pricing may be from $32.91 up to $197.67 per sale

Link-Assistant.Com is a rapidly growing software development company with a primary focus on developing and marketing products that target the Search Engine Optimization industry.

Since its foundation in 2004, it has grown from a small group of partners into a professional software house located in Minsk, Belarus (East Europe).

Link-Assistant.Com's collection of SEO software tools works for all kinds of website promotion tasks. Their products currently packed into SEO PowerSuite, are getting attention of huge audiences belonging to all spheres of life and business.

You're welcome to claim a 14-pages report for your website analysis, I offer for free. The report generates from Link-Assistant Website Auditor Enterprise License. This is a free initial keyword analysis service I proudly offer. When you use the product, you'll realize its value and you'll be confident representing it.

Learn more about Link-Assistant here.

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Find Wealth Affiliate

Perry Marshall Affiliate Marketing Partner

Get 15-52% commission via PayPal once a month from Perry Marshall's outstanding products and professional services. His products are available for online and off-line companies looking to market their brand via Google pay per click advertising or Adwords.

Perry Marshall Affiliate Program He is known as "The Wizard of Google AdWords" and is one of the world's leading specialists on buying search engine traffic. Moreover, he is a kind of person who dedicated himself very much in his affiliate marketing partner program as well.

I dare not use Google pay per click advertising until I got his "5 Days to Success with Google AdWords" e-course via email and follow what he said in one of his book outstanding book - "The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords." Therefore, I do proud to be his affiliate partner and present his great products

What're you waiting for? Start NOW!

Become Perry Marshall affiliate Partner and start sending high quality traffic to get high quality earning results.

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Please remember that you need to know how to get web site traffic very well.

Don't know how to get web site traffic or can not drive highly targeted web traffic who is seeking to buy from you is a major failure to the majority of affiliate marketers.

The remaining of my top 10 best affiliate programs is carefully evaluate, will pubplish soon.

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