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If you’re a site owner who has worked so hard to get free targeted Web traffic but today still spending to buy Web site traffic with fully hope it will converts into sales.

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The courses allow you to:

  • Learn best-practice strategies to maximize free targeted Web traffic from the search engines or re-acquaint you with SEO/SEM skills.
  • Get the unique and most complete training on the Web with over 101 well-thought, to-the-point lessons organized into 5 stages and armored by extensive video demonstrations and assessments.
  • Avoid information overload and never get lost in tons of unrelated materials. The framework of courses is designed to guide you through materials step by step; exposing you to the knowledge you really need at the moment and stay away from confusion.
  • Learn by example with comprehensive video guides and immediately apply your new knowledge to your own projects.
  • Find out how to monitor your search engine progress over time.
  • Identify your competitors' linking strategies and build quality links for your own sites to please search engines that count links in their ranking algorithms.
  • Learn the best practices to carry out e-mail campaigns and harvest results.
  • Learn how affiliate marketing can make turn many website owners into active promoters of your product or service.
  • Get certified by a reputable organization whose courses and certification are backed up by over 370,000 hours of human labor invested in search industry since 1999.

With 770,000+ registered users at Web CEO since December of the year 2000, today it becomes the world's number one automated SEO software. Comprehensive video guides and practical assessments will teach you how to perform tasks you have to carry out on a daily basis while perform search engine marketing your projects.

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The material available in Basic and Advanced training courses. Inside the Professional Internet Marketing course counts 6 stages with more than 101 Web site traffic builder lessons while the Basic training courses provides 60 lessons couts 5 stages.

You may check the content outlines here...

The courses start with "Introduction into Internet Marketing" then "What You Should Know Before Getting Started" before get into "Get Acquainted with Search Engine Optimization Tools"

Stage 1: Search Engine Marketing

Part 1: Understanding Search Engines
Lesson (1): Classification of Search Engines
Lesson (2): Crawler-Based Search Engines
Lesson (3): Human-Powered Search Engines
Lesson (4): Pay-for-Performance Search Engines
Lesson (5): META-engines
Lesson (6): Who Feeds Who - Search Engine Relationships
Lesson (7): How Search Engines Rank Pages
Quiz (1) : Understanding Search Engines

Part 2: On-Page Optimization
Step 1: Picking out Keywords
Lesson (8): Defining Your Niche and Audience
Lesson (9): Preparing to Research Keywords and Getting Suggestions
Lesson (10): Using Keyword Suggestion Tools
Lesson (11): Performing Advanced Keyword Analysis
Quiz (2): Picking out Keywords

Step 2: Optimization - Tuning the Pages 
Lesson (12): Key Concepts: Keyword Prominence, Density, Proximity and Frequency
Lesson (13): HTML Elements (Page Areas) That Matter
Lesson (14): Optimizing Layout of Your Pages
Lesson (15): Optimizing Navigation and Menus
Lesson (16): The Power of CSS
Lesson (17): Duplicate Content Issues
Lesson (18): Local SEO for Your Site
Quiz (3): Optimization - Tuning the Pages

Step 3: Optimizing Site Structure
Lesson (19): Building the Right Site Architecture
Lesson (20): Domain Name, File Names and Extensions
Lesson (21): META Robots Tag and "robots.txt"
Lesson (22): Creating a Search Engine Friendly Sitemap
Quiz (4): Optimizing Site Structure

Step 4: Auditing and Improving the Website
Lesson (23): Detecting and Fixing Site Indexability Issues
Lesson (24): Detecting and Fixing Site Usability Problems
Lesson (25): Cleaning up the Mess. Orphan Files and Tech Waste
Demo (3): Monitoring Site Uptime
Demo (4): Testing Your Site and Improving Its Quality
Quiz (5): Auditing and Improving the Website

Step 5: Working around Specific Optimization Issues
Lesson (26): Graphic-Heavy Sites
Lesson (27): Flash Sites
Lesson (28): Frameset Pages
Lesson (29): Dynamic, Database-Driven Sites, Shopping Carts
Lesson (30): JavaScript
Quiz (6): Working Around Specific Optimization Issues

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Part 3: Off-Page Optimization
Step 6: Website Submission
Lesson (31): Search Engines' Submission Rules and Guidelines
Lesson (32): Submitting to Search Engines
Lesson (33): Submitting to Directories
Lesson (34): Submitting to Pay-for-Performance Search Engines
Lesson (35): Verifying Submission Success
Quiz (7): Website Submission

Step 7: Link Marketing
Lesson (36): Link Popularity and Link Quality
Lesson (37): Google PageRank, Local Rank and Hilltop Algorithms
Lesson (38): Link Building Strategies and Techniques
Quiz (8): Link Marketing

Step 8: Additional Link Sources (Content Distribution)
Lesson (39): Article Marketing
Lesson (40): Press Releases
Lesson (41): Making Use of RSS Feeds
Lesson (42): Using Blogs and Forums to Increase Your Link Popularity
Quiz (9): Additional Link Sources

Part 4: Monitoring Search Engine Rankings
Lesson (43): Issues with Automated Ranking Monitoring
Lesson (44): Analyzing Your Rankings over Time

Part 5: Techniques to Avoid or Use at Your Own Risk (Search Engine Spamming) Lesson (45): Black-Hat Techniques vs White-Hat Techniques
Lesson (46): Code of Ethics
Lesson (47): Gray Hat SEO
Lesson (48): What to Do if Your Site Has Been Penalized
Quiz (10): Search Engine Spamming

Part 6: Search Engine Advertising Introduction to Online Advertising
Step 1: Pay Per Click Advertising
Lesson (49): Introduction to PPC and Basic Concepts
Lesson (50): Major PPC Providers (Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter)
Lesson (51): Ad Writing Tips
Lesson (52): Customer Tracking, Bid Management
Lesson (53): Dynamic Keyword Insertion
Lesson (54): Geographical Targeting
Lesson (55): Landing URLs and Pages
Lesson (56): Search Engine Partner Networks and Context Advertising Networks
Quiz (11): Search Engine Advertising
Quiz (12): Search Engine Marketing

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Stage 2: Social Media Marketing

Lesson (57): Social Media Channels
Lesson (58): Blogging and Micro-blogging
Lesson (59): Participating in Social Networks
Lesson (60): The Most Effective Social Media Marketing Tactics
Lesson (61): Promoting Your Brand with the Help of Social Media
Lesson (62): Social Media Optimization
Lesson (63): Social Media Advertising
Lesson (64): Tracking your Performance
Quiz (13): Social Media Marketing

Stage 3: E-Mail Marketing

Lesson (65): Introduction to E-Mail Marketing. The Basics
Lesson (66): The Six-Step Process of E-Mail Marketing
Lesson (67): Working with Your Mailing List
Lesson (68): Creating a Message and Choosing an E-mail Subject Line
Lesson (69): Running the Campaign - E-Mail Transmission Tips
Lesson (70): Reply Mechanisms
Lesson (71): Delivery and Response Tracking (Bounce Rate, Unsubscribe Rate, Open Rate, Clickthrough, Conversion)
Lesson (72): Building and Maintaining a Newsletter
Lesson (73): Selling your Audience (Showing Ads in your Mailings)
Quiz (14): E-Mail Marketing

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Stage 4: Affiliate Marketing

Lesson (74): Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
Lesson (75): Earning Money as an Affiliate
Lesson (76): Starting Your Own Affiliate Program
Lesson (77): Setting Up the Program
Lesson (78): Choosing Your Partnership Model
Lesson (79): Recruiting Affiliates
Lesson (80): Tracking the Affiliate Program
Lesson (81): Communicating with Affiliates
Lesson (82): Affiliate Marketing Tips and Techniques. Viral Marketing
Lesson (83): Mistakes to Avoid
Quiz (15): Affiliate Marketing

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Stage 5: Web Analytics

Introduction to Web Analytics
Part 1: Traffic Data Sources
Lesson (84): Different Web Traffic Data Sources
Lesson (85): Web Analytics Pyramid Model
Lesson (86): Tools, Services and Data Providers
Lesson (87): Setting up the Web Analytics Tool (Hitlens)
Quiz (16): Traffic Data Sources

Part 2: Traffic Sources
Lesson (88): Referring Sites and Partners
Lesson (89): Advertising Campaigns and Organic Search Engine Results
Lesson (90): Keywords as a Data Source
Quiz (17): Traffic Sources

Part 3 : The Sales Funnel and Customer Life Cycle
Lesson (91): The Customer Life Cycle: Reach, Acquisition, Conversion, Retention
Lesson (92): Reach and How to Measure It
Lesson (93): Acquisition and How to Measure It
Lesson (94): Conversion and How to Measure It
Lesson (95): Retention and How to Retain Visitors
Quiz (18): Sales Funnel and Customer Life Cycle

Part 4 : Business Models and KPI Sheets
Lesson (96): Four Broad Business Models by E. Petersen
Lesson (97): Key Performance Indicators by Business Model
Quiz (19): Web Analytics

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Stage 6: Starting Your Internet Marketing Business

Lesson (98): Find Your Niche and Put Together Your Success Formula
Lesson (99): Develop or Adopt an Approach
Lesson (100): Select and Master the Inventory
Lesson (101): Manage the Projects
Lesson (102): Get Web traffic to Your Web Business
Lesson (103): Personal Selling and Promotions
Lesson (104): Advertising Your Online Business

Internet is a thrilling place to get quick start your business worldwide. Today, so far, the Internet has become so crowded that there are almost certainly millions of competitors offering the same things as yours online.

Is it possible to win prominence and enjoy increasing significant amounts of free targeted Web traffic enthusiastic to engage in your offer? My answer is YES, it's possible and one of the best ways is taking 101 Web site traffic optimization training courses from well established resources.

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