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about nassorn snitwong Here I am - the creator of HowToBoostWebTraffic.com. Officially, they called me, Nassorn Snitwong. You'll read more about my stories here in this page, unless you only care for either how to build this site or a strong influence on building it.

Well, please don't laugh at my writing since English is not my native language. I can't wait until my writing got perfect improvement with zero grammar error. So I learn and practice for better writing while writing content for this site.

Nowadays, I make money with affiliate programs online. If you're looking for the right ways to become a wealthy  affiliate, I strongly recommend you finding the good guides on affiliate marketing for beginners. That way will help you shorten your trial & errors period.

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My Background

I was born in Bangkok, a busy city and the capital of Thailand. I grew up in Bangkok until I was only 4 years old before my family consisted of my father, mother, my only one elder sister and one younger brother had moved to Chiangmai, a culture-rich province located in the north of Thailand.

I spent my first part of my life there, in the beautiful landscape of mountains, sweet soft language, and warm culture of Chiangmai. Until 17 years old, I returned to Bangkok to complete my Bachelor degree in Business Administration at Krirk College. Since then, Bangkok became my permanent resident. In 1991, I furthered my Master degree in Computer and Engineering Management at Assumption University.

I enjoyed my childhood living in Chiangmai with my family and friends. I spent most of the time learning and playing. My mother was a pharmacist. She worked in a small government hospital located in town. She was a typed of a hard working woman but spoke less. And that's the valuable lesson she taught me about life. My father owned agriculture farm far away from our home. His passion was on agriculture and freedom of life. He taught his children a lot about merit, contribution, humble and politeness, especially to keep remaining our dignity.

Though I graduated in Accounting, I spent only one year working with a book keeping. It's obvious to me that this was not the right way of my life. I've dreamt of being a computer programmer since the first time I took "Introduction to the computer"" subject while I was junior.

Bill Gates - A Genuine Role Model of The World

In 1988, I started my career as a computer programmer. I was in early age of IBM Personal Computer with MS DOS. I know a name Bill Gates. His amazing story with IBM and his big vision with strongly actions those later change human behaviors forever.

With his words said -- there will be at least one personal computer in every house sounds unbelievable in those days because the price of a personal computer is about a small house.

Today, Bill Gates has proven the power of intension that man can achieve every impossible dream.

One day in September, 2010, I spent my days review my Twitter account. Adding new friends and remove those inactive following one. While I look into http://wefollow.com/google, inding experts in search marketing, I came across Bill Gates http://twitter.com/BillGates twitter account.

At the time I found him, he has 58 following and over 1.5 millions followers. By investigating his following list, I found most of them the charity organizations. Wow…that’s such an amazing life and very inspires me.

So... hold your dream and Dream the Impossible Dream!

I enjoyed my career and had progressiveness step-by-step as an employee from the position of a programmer to the middle manager in many organizations from small local consultant company to an international company, including AT&T Manufacture, Inchape NRG and Ricoh office automation companies.

The latest one was US based Software House Company, which now was closed itself without prior notice in Aug 2005, leaving 41 staffs on their destinies. Fortunately, I was built second source of income since the end of year 2001 as an Amway Distributor.

Real Life Begins Outside the 9-to-5 World...

The main reason that made me join Amway network marketing was to build residual income for my retirement plan project. However, what I have gained during the passed seven years in Amway business was more valuable than money but something money could not buy.

During that period of time, I was surrounded by the culture of learning and developing. I've learned how to be successful in every dimension of life. I've been taught to prepared goal of my own life, not the company's goals, as I had experienced all my working life in organizations.

I've learned the real meaning of success, practiced self changing intensively in thinking process and many other valuable things. Those experienced melt me down and that made me fall in love with self education, especially in the area of spiritual growing.

My Life Just Begun...

Nassorn' best work place It was one night in the middle of the year 2008. A simple click on a banner ad on the Internet changed my life dramatically. That click led me to the wider world, and I ended up create this site encourage you to grow your Web business patiently building free targeted Web traffic.

nassorn snitwong

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