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I was very excited at the first aware of the affiliate marketing opportunity online offers many residual income affiliate programs. I took that opportunity and it led me building website a year later.

Nassorn take affiliate marketing opportunity

Hello fellow online friend, my name is Nassorn. I'm the creator of this site. May I welcome you to

I'll share you my story about how I found affiliate marketing opportunity and how it changed my life on this page, unless you care for...

Before building, I struggled for almost two years try to build solid residual income with several online affiliate marketing programs with a fraction of success.

I started from affiliate network marketing programs to clickbank affiliate then 2 tier affiliate programs and even basic affiliate marketing eBooks. The result still far from my goal until I decided to build this site, the success shines.

You will find information on this site tells you only legitimate ways to grow your affiliate marketing opportunity that lead you to become a wealthy affiliate who earn lifetime commissions.

A Life-Changing Click

It was one night in the final week of May 2008 while I accessing my Yahoo email, I was stumbled into an attractive banner ads. The banner leads me to the Spider Web Marketing System, one of the popular multiple income opportunities on the Internet in those days who today announcing “Deceased” -

I was very excited with an affiliate marketing opportunity I’ve found on the Internet offers an affiliate network marketing program. I know that network marketing is a great opportunity for an individual in building a solid residual income.

Make money with affiliate program on the Internet is the way that allow me to start a home based business. Make money from home is the way I love spending my life with.

In fact, my true passion did not lie in being a business owner, or an affiliate marketer. I love reading, learning, self improving, sharing and leaving the stories that inspiring others to follow the path and achieve their dreams. The person I want to become is a web writer and a mentor.

Anyway, the painful experienced in driving traffic to Website I've found during the first year of my online journey inspired me to build this site to tell inexperience affiliate the effective ways to get web traffic.

Though the Spider Web Marketing System was not work for me, I have to give a big thanks to Kimball Roundy for his efforts in building the fantastic system and present it attractive way. How his system influenced me to my new life is incomparable he would never know.

My New Life Was Just Started

Almost every affiliate marketing opportunity program advice their members to get web traffic by promoting the programs using Manual Traffic Exchange marketing. The main reason as I can see is the simple functioning of manual traffic exchange that requires no special skills. So that the new affiliate can start get web traffic to their links immediately. But this method works well with only specific products and only in a specific way.

I’ve been surfing traffic exchange for years and participated in many affiliate marketing opportunity programs I found there. Though I can make some earning from few affiliate network marketing programs promoted on manual traffic exchange system, frankly, I consider it, a low productive way to get web site traffic.

Blogging. Everyone's Doing It

I always want to have my own Website to be able to contribute my knowledge, advertise the selected affiliate marketing opportunity programs then generate income. But I don’t know how to build one.

In those days, I considered Wordpress blog was my way out. In the middle of September 2008, I started building my own hosted Wordpress blog at It was beginning of the forth month of my "trial & error" in many online affiliate marketing opportunity programs intend to build a solid residual income.

In order to build a that Wordpress Blog, I took Yaro Starak’s BlogMasterMind program, which guided me step by step through weekly video tutorials to build a business blog. Though Yaro’s program is a good one but my blog generated not much web traffic. So forget about sales and profits.

>Blog or Build an SBI! Site Later I’ve learn that the act of blogging is NOT e-business. It only plays a small part? In fact there's plainly tens of MILLIONS bloggers out there. But blogging success is way out of reach to all except the very few who possess extraordinary skills to...

    - Regularly write a wealth of original content
    - Get tons of web traffic
    - Monetize that traffic using a variety of methods
    - Put highly effort on the social media
    - Gain widely credibility as an expert on their topic

I've spent several hundred of U.S. dollars in the BlogMasterMind program which returned to me not profit in money but the precious lessons of the right and the wrong ways of building an advertising affiliate program site Web.

The Right Ways To Grow Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

First - You Need to Build Your Own Affiliate Marketing Website

All wealthy affiliates built their own advertising affiliate program site to create a center of attention to their targeted customers. It's hard to believe that an affiliate can make lots of money by performing the promotion with only the free affiliate websites provided by affiliate programs' owner.

Second - It's NOT The Highest Paying Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

To become a wealthy affiliate who earns residual affiliate income from advertising affiliate marketing opportunity is NOT starting with the highest paying affiliate programs.

The highest paying affiliate programs are tempting to participate. I love getting high paying as well. But remember that, they will pay you nothing unless you send them well targeted Web traffic that converts into sales. In addition, some high paying affiliate programs require their affiliate to become an active member by charging high amount membership fee every month. Think about it!

Therefore, choose affiliate products wisely so as to make money with affiliate program.

Third - Get Targeted Web Traffic Is The Key To Affiliate Income!

To become a wealthy affiliate who enjoy affiliate income every month, you need to make yourself clearly understanding major critical issues to succeed. One of the issues is knowing how to perform effective affiliate advertising -- which advertising affiliate marketing program works best for your products. You must cautiously consider advertising forms that appropriate to your product and especially, to your budget!

Therefore, rather keep searching for the top paying affiliate programs, I learn affiliate marketing from the success affiliates, I build my own advertising affiliate program site Web the way that it constantly increase free targeted Web traffic every day. When it comes to the time that immediately increase site traffic is needed, I buy targeted Web traffic smart way.

I evaluate and carefully select to promote the best affiliate marketing opportunity programs on the lists. And I intended to write only the true information on how to increase online Web site traffic to become a wealthy affiliate.

Though an online affiliate marketing opportunity that I found on June 2008 today announced “Deceased,” and off course I miserable failed with that program, I still owe them for their quality presenting which lighted me to walk my way and earn residual income with affiliate programs online.

Thank you so much for visiting "" - I hope you enjoy the site.

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