The Best Online Affiliate Program
Teachs Affiliates Building Own Free Targeted Web Traffic

There is an interested question happen in my mind!

If I have to pick just ONE best online affiliate program among preferred top 10 best affiliate programs on the lists, which one will be the best affiliate marketing opportunity that I will put all of my time and energy spread it to the world. Why?

I consider the Two Tier Affiliate Program (allows affiliates to earn extra commissions) that offers Lifetime Commissions (your prospect is yours for life with lifetime cookies tracking) is the best online affiliate program. These two major issues reflect both quality and reliability of the product and the merchant.

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When we do a Google search for key phrases "best online affiliate program," there will be almost 100 millions Web sites display in the search result. Since there are so many out there, which programs you will choose to be affiliate with.

In addition to the two tier affiliate program with lifetime commissions, I've made a list of the critical issues that caused the majority of affiliates fail to earn. And do the intensive review. I think it would be fantastic if I can find at least one best online affiliate program that can help affiliates solve the major critical issues that every online affiliate cannot avoid in order to becoming a wealthy affiliate.

The assists can be in the form of training materials, marketing tools, personal coaching and some kinds of services either free or paid that ensure the methods will bring success to the affiliates.

    Unless you are only interested in my choice of the best online affiliate program, want to skip the review then it's here.

Otherwise, let’s take few minutes assessing the major critical issues of...

Why The Majority of Affiliates Never Even Make any Earning?

  1. They have NO plan.
  2. Entirely trust the program owners.
  3. Have NO Web site.
  4. Fail the big challenge... building traffic.

It's true that the vast majority of affiliates fail to earn. If you jumped into an affiliate marketing opportunity for some period of time and failing in to one or more critical issues above, keep reading for more details and solutions.

Critical Issue #1 - Advertising Affiliate Marketing Program with NO plan.

They just get the gun and FIRE, rather than invest some time to get READY and to AIM. Morever, they keep hopping among various ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ programs.

They found the affiliate marketing opportunity on the Internet. They realized the advantages of the system. Subsequently they enthusiatic in building residual income with online affiliate program. They expect that they will make an extra income in the beginning and become a wealthy affiliate in the long-term.

Are you one of them? If yes, you got a challenge goal

Ok…you want to build residual income…well, don't forget to define how much income you expect in short term and long term. Setup a plan to continually grow affiliate marketing business until you become a wealthy affiliate in three, and five years. must invest some time to get ready and to aim before fire!

Be aware that Get-Rich-Quick model is tempting. But it does NOT exist.

You must have NO doubt that there is NO Get-Rich-Quick business on the Internet.

In fact it's YOU who enthusiastic to become a wealthy affiliate? It started at YOU and YOUR attitude. It’s YOU who drive the success, NOT any affiliate program owners. It's YOUR investment, YOUR time, YOUR effort and YOUR money.

With the right awareness, right thought, right actions, you can become a wealthy affiliate. Let get the right attitude.

Do you know what the easiest plan is?

...Stop hopping around the 'Get-Rich-Quick' programs. Start refining your top 10 best affiliate programs in your list and choose only the “make sense” programs to participate. Remember, 'Get-Rich-Quick' program does NOT exist.

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Critical Issue #2 - Entirely Trust the Affiliate Marketing Program Owners

Even great affiliate marketing companies with terrific products often DON’T offer intensively training their affiliates. They do not care about your success!

I met a guy who was a wealthy affiliate. He moaned that he lost all of his monthly recurring income that he plans to replace his 9-5 job. It happened after his two years hard work on promoting his highest paying affiliate program which he determines that it’s his best online affiliate program among his top ten programs.

The reason was his affiliate marketing company decided to discontinue their business and respectively shutdown the affiliate Web site. So that he, as an affiliate also lost his business and his monthly income as well. He has to start all over again with other programs.

Do you realized how important of the affiliate marketing company is?

In order to become a wealthy affiliate, select only the reputable affiliate program from the well-respected best affiliate marketing company with proofed records around the Internet and off the Net. Choose the companies that do care for your success, not just the company prosperity.

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Critical Issue # 3 - Have NO Web Site or Poor Site

Your plan is building a solid residual income. So, rely on affiliate links generated from program owners alone is hard to perform any effective advertising. It's a MUST for you to have your own advertising affiliate program site web.

With your own advertising affiliate programs site Web, you can diversify your affiliate income by writing valuable content that promoting your selected programs which can be as many affiliate programs as you want on your own Web site.

Google also believes that pure affiliate websites do NOT provide additional value for web users. They recommend the affiliate marketers to create websites with original content that adds value for users. Read Google full advise here.

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Critical Issue #4 - Fail the Key Success... Building Web Traffic

The lifeblood of a growing affiliate business is targeted Web traffic.

I cannot give emphasis to you enough that highest paying affiliate program, 2 tier affiliate program or even reputable affiliate programs like Click bank or Google do NOT guarantee you to become a wealthy affiliate.

Unless you can bring high-targeted Web traffic who ready to buy your products or services to your own advertising affiliate program site Web and convert them into sales. It’s that simple. Period.

Most online affiliates do not understand how to do marketing. In addition, they failed to figure out how to work with the power of the search engines to attract tens of thousands of free targeted Web traffic who interested and ready-to-buy their products every day.

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The Best Online Affiliate Program of My Choice
Encompasses the Right Ways to Solve the Major Threads Challenging Affiliates in Their Training Materials, Tools, Marketing Process and On-going Communications. They Must Apparently Prove
They Do CARE For Their Affiliates Success.

Among the top 10 best affiliate programs on my lists...

The Best Online Affiliate Program That I Always Proud To Represent – SiteSell's 5 Pillars Affiliate Program


Resolve Issue #1:

The Best Online Affiliate Program Helps You Make An Effective Plan

I invested several thousands US dollars into many Get-Rich-Quick programs membership fee and advertising cost to promote them. The result was no earning! Here again, I repeat – there is NO Get-Rich-Quick program around the Internet.

I decided Site Build It! is the best online affiliate program as they help their affiliates prepare and complete the plan for their most profitable affiliate marketing business.

Download the Affiliate Masters Course which has been called “The Best Information on Succeeding as an Affiliate.” Study an intensive 10-DAY course and prepare your plan accordingly. And Stick To The Plan. You'll definitely becoming a wealthy affiliate. It’s free to download.

Learn More About SiteSell's 5 Pillar - The Best Affiliate Marketing Program

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Resolve Issue #2:

Wealthy Affiliates Select The Best Online Affiliate Program Owners

SiteSell Inc. is a privately held Canadian-based company that has become an international provider of a proprietary business-building platform called SBI!.

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, SiteSell Inc. has been profitable since its inception in 1997. SiteSell Inc. has over 40,000 SBI! customers and is growing rapidly, all through positive word-of-mouth promotion by its customers and its affiliate force.

Only SBI! is taught as a formal e-business course at colleges and universities such as Penn State. Accredited centers of higher education are selecting SBI! as the way to teach undergraduates, MBAs and Continuing Education students how to use the Web to build a successful online business.

Why? Because SBI! is the only way for students to come into view from a 10-week course with much more than plain theory. They graduate with a critical life skill and a genuine business.

More information about education, visit SiteSell Corporate Home Page.

In addition to affiliate success, SiteSell is the only company in the world that proves success and offers lot of innovative marketing tools and extensive affiliate educational resources which well named the best online affiliate program owner.

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Resolve Issue #3:

Wealthy Affiliates Have Their OWN Online Stores

Building your own affiliate Web site is not only the best solution to your effective advertising place but also the solid foundation to get well targeted Web site traffic free and unlimited from the search engines.

However, most affiliate marketers do not know how to create a Web site. For those who know how to code a Web site, however, success Web business does not just know HTML, web design, domain registration and hosting.

The Best Online Affiliate Program Helps You Build Your Online Store

SBI! provides you a complete 10 steps marketing process as a guideline to build a successful e-business. Site building is only a tenth of the process! The other nine essential steps are the ones the "others" never tell you about ... or charge you seriously for!

Building a wealthy affiliate Web site marketing is not just a domain name and Web hosting. It’s far beyond that; if you do an intensive research.

Well, not sure either how to start or prefer personal coaching, you can take a 12-week online education course. A dedicated SiteSell Instructor will guide you, in weekly live sessions, through SBI!'s powerful features and teaches you how to achieve the kind of profitable Web success, right in the comfort of your own home!

Still, you’re very busy, having too tight schedule to split any time to build a site or to learn. SBI! offers you the SiteSell Services to build top-quality, high-traffic Web sites in an organized, professional manner and at a competitive price. Check out their case studies.

SBI! is incomparable as the best online affiliate program in the way that they offer plenty of tools and alternatives that guarantee an affiliate can own best advertising affiliate programs Web site.

Join SiteSell's 5 Pillar - The Best Affiliate Marketing Program


Resolve Issue #4:

The Best Online Affiliate Program Guides Affiliates Growing Free Targeted Web Traffic Everyday

I have to repeat again and again and again...the highest paying affiliate program, 2 tier affiliate program or any best online affiliate program will NOT pay you any single cent unless you can send targeted Web traffic to their site and convert them into sales. Period.

Promoting the highest paying affiliate program is a waste, zero, nothing, if you don't know how to get targeted Web traffic that ready to buy.

With SBI!, you’ll learn to get Web traffic the proven way. The legitimate way to build your own free targeted Web traffic, warm, willing-to-buy traffic that results in genuine, profitable, ever-growing affiliate businesses.

To achieve that, start building you own advertising affiliate programs site Web by either follow SBI! 10-Steps Action Guide or take a 12-week online education course, you're in the right way. Here are a few hundred sites and all in the Top 1% of all kinds...

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