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Google Pay Per Click Advertising

Building free Google traffic is a time-taking task. Therefore, you may want to buy targeted traffic that is right for your online niche products or services in order to increase your sales.

Before I determined that Google pay per click or another word - Google AdWords is my only trusted source when it is time to buy web site traffic, I've gone through several precious lessons about the wrong ways of buying web site traffic.

When you do Google search for good places to buy web site traffic, you'll find several millions websites at the search result pages from the search terms - "where to buy web site traffic." I wonder that how could we identify the trusted source that does bring the well-targeted, ready-to-buy visitors to my site. I admitted that it is hard.

Anyway, though it is easy to start Google pay per click campaign, but you will NOT good results without learning. And it takes time to learn and experiments the effective ways to buy targeted traffic with Adwords. Therefore, I have an alternative way for you to buy web site traffic;

Google Pay Per Click - My Best Buy Web Site Traffic


It was after I’ve learn three truths about it. As an advertiser...

  1. I only advertise to people who are looking for what I have right now – so I buy targeted traffic only.

  2. I only pay when they click to my Google ads. That’s turly cost competitive advertising.

  3. Pricing is determined by an ongoing, real-time auction based on true market values. It’s fair.

...that's exactly what Google Pay Per Click or AdWords does!

Moreover, Google pay per click, the amazing system that never before in the history of advertising has allowed advertiser spending as little as five bucks to buy web site traffic, write a couple of ads and get immediate access to more than 100 million people around the World in less than 10 minutes. Google makes AdWords system possible.

In fact, it may be the first and best thing to do to get targeted web traffic to your new site. AdWords is very popular at the time I started my online business in June 2008. Though it's an amazing concept, I realized that it is very easy to lose big money if I start using it while I don't understand how it works. Therefore, I dare not use Google pay per clicks to buy targeted traffic at the beginning.

AdWords has some hints, and most people have a rough time at first so that losing lot of money.

Until I've read a helpful Perry Marshall free e-course called "5 days to success with Google AdWords."

In the 5 days course, I’ve learned;

Day 1 - The ONE Thing that Separates the Men from the Boys in the Google AdWords Game of buying Web traffic.

    …A little mental trick to help you write Google ads…

Day 2 “How one ‘Trivial’ Change Can Cut Your Bid Prices by 95 PERCENT!”

    The secret is the Clickthrough Rate (CTR) which is the key to getting lower and lower prices, while other bidders are jumping into the bid war.
    Clickthrough Rate (CTR) is MORE important than how much you bid.

Day 3 “A Google AdWords Lesson from the Wall Street Journal”

    The Wall Street Journal got 20% more sales without spending a penny more on postage or printing. This might actually double the profit they make selling their paper.

    In Google pay per click advertising,  your choice of words – is king. You can change the CTR of your ads by 50% just by changing ONE WORD. Perry Marshall' AdWords Toolkit even shows you an example of how simply reversing the order of two lines increased the response by 2000%!

Day 4 “The Fastest, Easiest Way to Test New Ideas”

    If you understand how to buy targeted traffic using AdWords, you should never need to invest more than a few hundred dollars pursuing an idea that won’t work.

    What you have to do is write a report about how to solve that problem. You create an opt-in page where people can get your report in exchange for their contact information. Then you buy keywords, send people to that page and see how many people you can get to opt in. If you can’t find keywords that anyone is searching for – then that’s a good sign you should abandon the project before you throw any more money at it.

Day 5 “Why the Most Important Success Ingredient Has Nothing to Do With Google”

    Google AdWords just happens to be the fastest, easiest, and occasionally the least expensive way to buy targeted traffic there. But once again, it’s not about Google – it’s about your website.

Get “5 Days to Success with Google AdWords” (via email) Now!

Once I understand its concept, and I was looking for a good approach to get highly targeted web site traffic from realiable sources, I can't think of a better starting point than continuing with Perry Marshall e-book "The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords" to learn more on how to use Google pay per click effectively. 

Before this book, I was a complete AdWords novice. It was 6 months of my affiliate marketing venture and I lost several hundreds bucks follow the gurus' advice to buy web site traffic in the form of email opt-in, guarantee hits, etc.

Therefore, it is absolutely incredible for me as an affiliate marketer who 6 months aged can perform online advertising like the pro. It is good feeling to get up and running quickly though being novice. nassorn wink

My first successful AdWords campaign began after reading chapter 4 (“Getting Started” Ad Content Checklist.) I follow the checklist suggestion likes; bid on longer phrases, avoid bid war, list the benefits before features, etc.… BANG!

    buy targeted traffic quoteAnyway, "The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords" is NOT a get rich quick book. What the authors prescribe is a tough look at your business and a clear pathway to get your targeted customers you want to be the kind of business you want to be.

    Don't expect to read this book, buy a couple of keywords and have money rolling in tomorrow. Those days are over. But, if you want to capture a sustainable, profitable niche rather than spend your money just to buy targeted traffic and expect tons of visitors handing you their money, then this book needs to be in your weapon store.

I use this weapon throughly and I decided that Google pay per click is the smart way to buy web site traffic.

A little Web traffic. A lot of well targeted web site traffic. Smartly buy targeted traffic - turn it on or turn it off at will with Google pay per click advertising.

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