Facebook Marketing Requires Communication, Not Advertising

I encourage anyone interesting in Facebook Marketing to watch this hour long video by Mari Smith - this is powerful stuff. If you pay attention on this powerful video, you will definitely learn something!

Before I seriously pay attention to marketing on Facebook, I have a personal profile on Facebook for years with no improving plan but connecting with people.

Until I have watched Chris Farrell videos about Facebook traffic. I follow Chris training in addition to the fact that Facebook is connected with Microsoft Bing search engine. It apparently a huge changes on how the search engines going to present their search results to be closely connected with the social media sites.

By searching for additional information about how to perform facebook marketing campaign effectively, I found a book, Facebook MarketingFacebook Marketing: An Hour a Day that Mari Smith is a co-author.

I saw Mari Smith for years on Twitter. She is a social media expert speaker and trainer. Therefore, I have no doubt of her knowledge in Facebook marketing then I easily bought the book.

The book doesn't assume you have any marketing experience, so everything implies the way that anyone can follow the steps. It is full of practical tips on setting up pages, running Facebook advertising campaigns, managing content, etc.

In fact, the book is better than many courses I've bought from other marketing experts for $300+

    One thing I be fond of this book was that it follows proven marketing practices. If you already have a formal marketing process, these tactics will fit right in. If they don't, this can fill in properly.

    I was very excited as I read the book and found the success sample of a Threadless fan page that presently has over 200,000 fans. Woooo hooo!

Chapters 4 to 7 are the doing chapters. It is actually a sixteen-week program, taking the readers from planning to implementation and evaluating their results. Every day has an assignment which should take approximately one hour to complete. I like this way that I will follow their practical, structured approach to learning.

The "course outline" is as follows:

Month 1: Create the Plan and Get Started
Month 2: Establish Corporate Presence with Pages and Groups
Month 3: Create Demand with Facebook Ads
Month 4: Advanced Tactics and Campaign Integration

Month 1 - Create the plan

Assignments for the first 4 weeks are lay the groundwork, draft and present the plan, establish a presence with the Facebook profile and friends. Finally, use basic Facebook features to promote yourself.

Month 2 - Establish Presense with Pages and Groups

Assignments for week 5-8 are learning about page and groups, determine and execute content strategy, add and experiment with content. And monitoring and modify the plan.

Month 3 - Create Demand with Ads

In the third month we will learn the basic of Facebook advertising, build the dashboard and collect data, refine your campaign then analyze and adjust the campaign.

Month 4 - Advanced Tactics and Campaign Integration

Facebook Marketing WebinarAssignments: understand essential advanced tactics, learn about Facebook connect, widgets, fan boxes, integrate your efforts with multichannel marketing and conduct advanced analytics

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