Free Affiliate Websites From Merchant Are Huge Trap!

Why Free Affiliate Websites are Inadequate to Affiliate Business Success?

It is easy to grab an affiliate marketing opportunity and make money from home. By choosing free affiliate programs to signup, you will receive free affiliate websites attached with your unique ID from the merchant. Most affiliate websites look greatly attractive and ready to advertise.

But...wait. Hold on your advertising campaign until you understand 4 beatable problems that caused affiliates fail miserably.

It is true that affiliate marketing opportunity is an easy answer when it comes up with a topic of how to make money online. Since you receive at least one affiliate website from the merchant, it seems that you have a ready-made, professional looking website full of information.

It is true that this website saves you lot of time and resources on developing your own.


Do you know the purpose of merchant' free affiliate websites?

You must clearly understand this point before moving on.

The merchants provide their affiliates who act the same way as their sales force as best as they can about product details in the affiliate site. Furthermore, they have to track sales for affiliate commissions. Therefore, that comes up in the form of free affiliate website.

Another word, they are the excellent product catalog!

You grab your affiliate websites, buy Google pay per click advertising, and try to get web traffic to your product catalog. The catalogs bring your potential buyer to the merchant's website for further actions may be opt into email followup or perhaps buying. You pay for every click.

In this case, your commission is totally relied on affiliate program tracking software. Compare with offline business, this scenario is similar to the way that you hire someone to distribute the merchant catalogs that has your name printed on it to people.

    quoteYou cannot add any value to the merchant' affiliate website. You cannot create an authority in your niche. Your customers do NOT know you!

    In fact, the real value of the merchant' affiliate website is it save you lot of time to develop your own product catalog.

Don't fall into a HUGH trap of having the well designed free affiliate websites!

To become a wealthy affiliate...

  • You Must Make Your Own Affiliate Marketing Website!

    you must clearly understand this point before moving on.

    Give me a name of just one affiliate who today becomes a wealthy affiliate without having his/her own website!

    NOT even ONE, right?

    Please admit that all experts are agreeing that one of the best ways to really make money with affiliate program and automate it for long term residual income is having your own website. If you have no idea how to build a website, check this out.

    Also make sure that you understand very well the difference between building a Website and building a blog.

  • You Must Learn How to Get Web Site Traffic

    Though it is easy to become an affiliate make money from home, you are not going to make $10,000 a month by just a few clicks to show your merchant' affiliate website somewhere around the Internet. You have to drive tons of targeted web traffic that potentially converts into sales to your site every day!

Remember the fact I'm going to stress here before you getting into seriously advertise any affiliate program with fully hope of making money...

The huge opportunities to make money with affiliate program are existed on the Internet. Still, the fact is the majority of people setting up affiliate business do NOT make any money.

However, you can make $10,000 a month on condition that you spend your energy and resources setting up your business the right way. First of all, learn and make yourself clearly understand the proper use of free affiliate websites the merchants provide you.

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