Exploit Three Outstanding
Free Keyword Search Tools

Most popular keyword research tools offer free keyword search abilities to their free members for significant values. Before building your next site, make sure you've intensively perform keyword research even though by free keyword search tool.

Keyword research is the beginning of every profitable Web business. You need to get web site traffic, in fact, tons of targeted Web traffic that converts into sales in order to make you high earn. And keyword research tools will help you achieve search engine traffic. It is not an option to Web business success.

If you are serious about search engine optimization, then keyword search tool is an essential investment, a must have resource for any search engine marketing professional.

In case that you start building your Web business with a limited budget, free keyword search tool is an excellent alternative.

You can start with selected outstanding free keyword search tools. Use the tool intensively. Once you made yourself clearly understand its features, functions and benefits, you may consider upgrade to get more advance features.

Popular Keyword Research Tools And Their Free Keyword Search Features

Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery are very useful in researching long tail keywords while Google keyword search tool is better for building a large list of keywords. You can get up to 800 keywords list at your Google account logging in.

Wordtracker was established in 1997 to answer a fundamental question in the search engine industry - "What are people searching for on the Web?" Wordtracker is a privately owned company with headquarters in London, UK. With their long-years services, Wordtracker is occasionally in the press.

Wordtracker is an outstanding keyword search tool particularly for long-tail keywords. Moreover, many webmasters have been using it for years. Companies come and go on the internet all the time, so a company that has been around for many years offering the exceptional products must be doing something right.

What You Can Do with Wordtracker Free Keyword Search

You'll need to register for a free account to access to Wordtracker's free tool. Now... I’ll take keywords ‘web site traffic’ as our experiment. Let’s use the free Wordtracker keyword search tool to find if there's any demand for web site traffic.

Wordtracker free keyword search web traffic

The free keyword search tool shows you a list of keywords, real search terms made on search engines. Each keyword is also a niche market within the “web site traffic” market. The searches column shows you the relative sizes of these niche markets.

You may notice how keywords like increase web site traffic and buy targeted web site traffic gather around the root web site traffic keyword.

If we click on increase web site traffic, you can see this niche market is defined by the keywords people use when they're searching for what they want.

Wordtracker free keyword search increase web traffic

Don't get too anxious about the search numbers. If it seems like there are enough searches, as there are here, that's good enough for now. Now the free keyword search version is useful, but you have to keep in mind that each of these searches are only for the exact keyword -- Web site traffic

So, we see that web site traffic gets exactly 552 searches in our database, but only if the searcher types the words web site traffic into the search box.

Wordtracker free keyword search box

At the top, you'll see this number, 4,565 searches, which is all the searches for the top 100 terms in this keyword tail such as increase web site traffic and buy targeted web site traffic added together and gives you an idea of the size of the whole niche market.

You'll need this combined information to be sure you're targeting a niche market with plenty of traffic potential.

A Guide to Free Keyword Search Tool

You'll also be needing data from multiple niche markets so you can contrast and compare and this is where we need the advanced features from the full Wordtracker keyword tool. Any you can enjoy...

  • the long tail advantage by receiving 1,000 keywords per search
  • competition data that helps you cherry-pick the most promising keywords
  • more related keywords – up to 300 per search
  • enhanced management tools allow you to generate and organize thousands of keywords in less time than any free keyword tool: saving you hours of tedious work.

On the downside, Wordtracker can be quite the expensive investment with the monthly subscription costs $59 and the annual subscription costs $329. And its free trial only lasts for a week.

Download Wordtracker's Keyword Research Guide PDF

Keyword Discovery

Keyword Discovery is a powerful keyword search tool that facilitates you to optimize your web page content. They have a free version and you can ask for the free trail by creating an account for free. It lends support to maximize your pay per click campaigns. Definitely, it helps you get more traffic to your site.

Keyword Discovery helps you find the misspelled keywords. Many people have the problem of typing the word correctly. They enter keywords mistakenly. The software helps you take advantage of this. You can target the commonly misspelled keywords. You can get different variations of each keyword. The most important advantage of misspelled keyword is that it has less competition.

How Google Keyword Search Tool Helps You Find Your Profitable Niche

Free keyword search is a cost-effective way to get the right keywords. Adding together with a proper keyword strategy will help you boost Web traffic to your site. Generating more traffic is the most important aspect of running an online business successfully.

Either paid or free keyword search tools provide by the search engine, DON'T put them into one place. Use a variety of tools to help you obtain keywords, strategize, and optimize your website, blog, and articles!

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