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I Dedicate My Site Encourage You to Build Free Targeted Web Traffic. Unless you don't care for the WHY, then jump to the HOWs!

The reality about successfully make money from home is how well you build the sources of free highly targeted web traffic.

Steadily get web site traffic to your site is the ONLY way for you to make solid earning in web based business!

Targeted web traffic is a lifeblood to onlne business success.

Moreover, if you expected a significant amount of earning to pay your bills every month, you would need to get thousands of well targeted web traffic to your site every month as well.

    Do you comfortable in buying web traffic until profit...every month?

    I don't think so...
However, in this first piece, what I want to mention which is the most important body of all is PATIENCE. Building the streams of unlimited free targeted web traffic is time taking job. You must admit that marketing anything online is a long-term project.

I wish you not repeat my mistakes!

How I Consistently Get Free Targeted Web Traffic

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Anita always dreamed of seeing free targeted web traffic from EzineArticles

As I told you, my true passion did not lie in being a business owner, or an affiliate marketer. The person I want to become is a web writer and a mentor.

However, writing articles was challenging me since English is not my native language. Though I used English language in my work places but writing on the Web is totally difference.

Anyway, I learnt that writing good articles and submit them to few outstanding article directories is a way to bring traffic to web site.

Therefore, I move on.

Practice Makes Perfect

It took me uncountable time of article revising between I and EzineArticles' editors before I got my 1st article published at on 17 June 2009. Yes... I made it. Needless to say how glad I was. nassorn big grin

Anyway, I stop my tried for almost a year and turning myself to other easier ways to get web traffic. Until I clearly realized that article writing is the best way to generate passive free targeted web traffic. put your effort once in the right way; your published articles will always be there. With your well-written article, it will bring traffic to your site endlessly.

In April 2010 I started writing articles and submitted to again. My articles never got published at first submission. Until the sixth one, on 4th May 2010, I got my article published at at any single rejection. Wow ! that means so much to me. nassorn wink

An author can generate a feed to your articles that you can make a direct link to your articles on Check it out...

From the above feed, you will find my latest published articles...

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You can increase your website visibility when you write articles in your area of interest, skill, knowledge and submit them to well-establish article directories like, and When your article has been picked up from website editors and distribute as free content for their e-mail newsletters or their websites, you'll get a lot of free traffic and links to your site.

Get Free Targeted Web Traffic Plus Extra Money! is a GREAT place where I love publish my articles.

Do you know that is the most rewarding place to publish? In fact, Hubpage is not only a place where you can share your stories, build an authority in your niche, indirectly increase targeted web traffic free to your site but also a place where you can earn residual income as well.

Join HubPages, where you can write about the things you know and love and even earn money! I love getting feedback from other writers on the site, too.

Internet Article Writing JobsIn addition to Internet article writing as my favorite strategy to get free targeted web traffic, I invest my effort in learning web site traffic optimization best-practice and keep building my own free targeted web traffic the right ways. It is the key to web based business success.

Don't Repeat My Mistakes

In the early days of my jumping into the Internet affiliate marketing opportunity, I was never truly understand how significant this phrase is - Web traffic is lifeblood of every Web business.

My first year on the ways to build residual income on the Internet, rather than investing time and effort in getting web site traffic the right ways, I took the easy ways to get web traffic with fully hope I can make some sales. I spent money as a get-rich-quick program owner recommending me to buy web traffic in various forms that never turn into any sales.

Until I was miserable failed and loss thousands US dollars with no result in driving traffic to web site, I then realized how crucial traffic means to the success of making money with affiliate programs.

In fact, it is beyond that sentense. I realized that, in order to build residual income affiliate programs, what we need is not just web traffic. We need tons of well targeted web traffic to hit our site every day. Only highly targeted web traffic would potentially convert into sales.

Buy web site traffic is my precious learning lessons in which strongly inspired me to dedicate this site sharing my experiences. I ensure that, from this site, you’ll find only the right ways to build streams of free targeted web traffic.

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