Free Way To Get Web Site Traffic
Avoid Traffic Exchange

by Nassorn
(Bangkok, Thailand)

Though you have some budget to buy web traffic, you would also want to learn ways to get web traffic to your sites for free. There are many effective ways to do that but be aware of using traffic exchange advertising!

Are you a new affiliate who the affiliate program owner teaches you to get web traffic using traffic exchange advertising with hope to grow your income?


What's good about manual traffic exchange?

  • Easy. You don?t need any skill but click your mouse.

  • Free. You got your website exposed in front of a number of visitors without paying a dime. You may get web site traffic for free by participating in a traffic exchange program. But do think twice?

However, there are two major issues you must aware of it.

  1. The person will only be viewing your site in average for 6-10 seconds, not longer than 20 seconds. They are NOT paying attention on your page.

  2. Moreover, those persons are NOT your targeted traffic. They hanging there with the same purpose as you ? looking for web traffic. They have their own product and they want you to buy!

Sure, you'll receive some visitors hit your website or opt into your list. But what's the point of spending your time and effort surfing for credits in this free system to get web traffic that does not care about what you offer?

I knew traffic exchange since the first day of my venture to make money with affiliate programs. Several months gone, then a year, I asked myself ?Am I spending my precious time generating low targeted web traffic with no result??

No matter what your goals are for you web-based business, it is vital that you have targeted web traffic - the visitors who interested in the product or service you offer. If you don't care at all about the type of web traffic your site receives, traffic exchange site may be useful for you.

This in itself is probably not a huge problem but I ask myself this question. "Do I want to change my marketing style to generate low quality traffic?"

My answer is to that question is "NO" as I would rather focus my time and efforts to get web site traffic on the effective methods that highly convert in sales and residual income.

You're welcome to share you opinions. You experiences help the new comers.

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