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15 Simple, Easy, Effective Strategies

It is hard to new affiliates at identifying the right ways to get web site traffic.

New affiliates have to pay serious attention in finding profitable niche markets that you can easily tap into Google traffic!

    QuoteI am not an expert but an experienced affiliate who felt very frustrated at the ways some gurus taught me how to get web traffic.

    Those painful experiences inspired me to dedicate this site telling you how to get web site traffic that consistently grows my business and income. Remember, I am not an expert in online marketing, not a guru and I cannot pretend to be.

Are you a well experienced online marketer? How you get web site traffic successfully?
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How to identify the wrong ways to get web site traffic?

Hint - Notice that... 1) you have to pay and 2) traffic to be received is unlikely to convert into sale, 3) no refund or hard refunding process.

I introduce here basic information on the proven ways to get web site traffic which you can subsequently explore through dozens of links to other valuable resources that will help you get more detail in each specific area.

1. Affiliate - Build Your Own Website

You may skip this item immediately, unless you haven't started building your own Web site yet.

It's true that being an affiliate is easy to start making money since the merchants give you free affiliate websites with unique affiliate ID for each affiliate. The reality is, free affiliate website provided by the merchant is out of your control.

You cannot edit, modify to make it better or differ from others. Moreover, it can be several hundreds to several thousands duplicated content page when you choose to promote the popular program.

Let's take offline business as a model, you need a physical store to display your products or advertise your services. It is exactly the same requirement when building an online business. The affiliate marketing website is your virtual store that you can display and advertise your products as well.

If you don't know how to build one, download 'Creat Your First Website' free ebook (or right-click to save pdf file). The ebook shows your step-by-step how to build your own website.

Anyway, make sure that you well understand the difference between building a Website v.s. building a blog!

2. Write Keyword-Rich Webpages Focused on Your Profitable Keyword

You start building your Website with a topic or a market niche, and do your market research carefully with effective keyword search strategy. This step will ensure you're building a profitable Web-based business.

Then create a website or blog, and target every single keyword phrase that is relevant. Create quality content pages, and optimize each page or post.

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3. Polish Content Page with Search Engine Optimization Keywords

It's not just a domain name registration and HTML programming that will bring you targeted Web site traffic that search for you.

SEO helps get web site trafficIn step two, you learnt how people will find your website. You know what keywords are and how they can be good or bad for making money from a website. Now, it's time to go for the Search Engine.

HTML elements on page areas that matter! Because the Search Engine spiders see your page as HTML code instead of what is directly visible through a browser. Therefore, make sure that you follow the search engine optimization keywords best practices.

4. Make Site Navigation Search Engine Friendly

Site navigation information within menus can be a good indication of what a site is about. The rule of thumb is that you should avoid buzzwords and special terms in your navigation menu, unless you know for sure what you are doing and your target audience.

When menus are keyword compatible they're fairly clear and concise. As a rule, you put links to other pages of your site in the navigation menu. The search engine can analyze what the links to those pages say. They do that by reading what's within the text hyperlink or the alt text tag or they read the words around the hyperlink itself. Continue learning from Lesson 14 : Optimizing Navigation and Menus at WebCEO University.

5. Create a Site Map

A sitemap is a way of organizing a website, identifying the URLs and the data under each section. In the past, the sitemaps were geared for the users of the website. However, Google's XML format was designed for the search engines, allowing them to find the data faster and more efficiently.

xml-sitemaps get web site trafficBy creating and submitting XML sitemaps you are more likely to get better freshness and coverage in search engines.

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6. Submit Your Site to Major Directories

7. Submit Your Site to Specialized Directories

8. Implement Quality Link Building Program

Check backlinks of your site and learn how to increase link popularity smart way from your competitors!

9. Write Articles for Others

Article writing was challenging me since English is not my native language. Though I used it every day at my work places but writing on the Web is totally difference.

Lucky I am. I found Instant Article Wizard software tool that helps me speed up my writing. Now I can write much much faster than I was last year. I encourage you to see how the tool works by watching a demo video here. Once you understand how the tool works, you will definitely enjoy writing for the Web as same as I enjoy it or even more!

Do you Heart too?
Internet Article writing is not only my favorite way to get free targeted web traffic but also my passion as well.

It's fantastic to watch my articles gain thrust as they get ranked and found on Google for the keywords I've been targeting. Some articles are getting more readers by the month after I first published them. Some articles got published in someone' newsletters. That my site get more web site traffic.

Internet article writing is my favorite strategy to get web site traffic free, well targeting. Moreover, it is a way to build passive traffic!

You'll find lots of guidelines on how to do article writing successfully from the most popular article directory site, They will regularly send you instructions and ideas each week once you've completed creating a free membership account.

10. Understand Social Media

We're living in the era of the rapidly increasing field of social media in which people are encouraged to network with each other, and respond to each other's blog postings and comments. Therefore, that is a huge area that we can potentially get web site traffic.

Get Web Site Traffic with Facebook There are difference types of social media: 1) blogs, 2) social networking sites, 3) social bookmarking sites, and 4) forums. Never mind that the distinctions between each type may be unclear. The key is social media help you get direct web site traffic, producing links to your site, and building awareness.

The subject is too wide-ranging to go into detail here. It is best for you to explode more in details about;

    Why facebook traffic?
    How to implement facebook advertising effective way.

    What is twitter and How To Use Twitter For Your Online Business Success.
    How to dominate your market ONE Tweet at a time Get web site traffic from twitter or,
    how to optimize your business with Linkedin!

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11. Start a Business Blog or micro blog.

You can get web site traffic from a blog that as a result increasing your sales and profit. Therefore, start a business blog on your website, hosted on your own domain. If you have a blog on a third-party blog site, find reasons to talk about and regularly link to your own domain. If you offer valuable content people are likely to link to it, increasing your site's PageRank. Consistency and having something to say is the key.

You can find out more about how to set up a blog, and attract traffic and sales in Wordtracker's Blogging Academy. You will learn detailed guide on how to run a successful blog.

12. Participate in Social Media Community

The most popular online communities today embrace,, and

twitter power

    quoteWhy don't you visit my social media pages and adding me as your Facebook friend, watch my tweets at Twitter and get connection at LinkedIn. -- Thank you!
One of the hardest things about marketing on Twitter is that it doesn't even look like marketing. But it is marketing - and it's a powerful kind of reverse-marketing. It's relatively easy, it's fun, and it's really effective if you do it right.

In addition, you may potentially get web site traffic by involving in a social bookmarking community in which members share with each other information about websites, articles, or news items that they like (or don't like). These include Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon, and Google Bookmarks.

13. Forums Discussion

14. Remind Visitors to Bookmark Your Site

Asking your visitors to bookmark your site or save it in their Favorites list is simple easy by using a widget called AddThis. When you put the AddThis script on your webpage, it automatically determines the title and URL of that page. When visitors click the button on your page, they are automatically taken to a page that allows them to choose which bookmarking service they prefer, and then pre-populates the appropriate form with the title and URL of your webpage.

I use AddThis throughout my website. If you have good content that people want to bookmark, this can generate hundreds of links to your site and significantly raise your rankings. Of course, you can get web site traffic as well.

While you're here, would you be so kind as to bookmark this page using the button below? Thank you!

15. Develop a Free Service

By saying "Come to our site and learn how to get web site traffic" is not attractive. It's quite a different to say...

"Use the free keyword analysis service available exclusively on our site will save your time to perform an initial onpage optimization."

... Make no mistake.

It's expensive in time and energy to develop free resources, but it is very rewarding and able to get traffic to your web site. You have to make sure that your free service is closely related to what you are selling. This way allows you to continue building your business with the visitors you attracted.

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