Getting Backlinks - Increasing Web Traffic

The right time to start getting backlinks to your site is once you have done the first 20 high-value content pages on your site. This is one effective ways to tell the world where your web pages can be found.

It won't suddenly happen.

You won't get traffic and the search engines will not embrace on you, unless you know the right ways of getting backlinks. It's how to get your site out there.

Even if you have the best niche site, if you don't have backlinks in from other websites, it won't matter.

Getting backlinks is an ongoing job which takes time to get good results. You'll have to work hard to get the first few valuable inbound links, but there are strategies for getting backlinks that will help you raise your PR and make it easier for you to get higher pagerank sites to do link exchanges with you.

The following is a list of sources for getting backlinks. You should try many of them.

1. Submit Your Site to Link Building Directories.

This is one of the easiest ways to get one way inbound links. Many directories are free. However, if you can afford it, you can also buy backlink from higher page rank directories. You can choose to outsource this jobs as well since there are several paid link building companies offer this service.

I personally submitted to directory backlinks myself in the early stages of building links. Doing it myself made it easy to really target my keywords and find the best place in each directory to list my site.

2. Write Great Articles and Submit to Article Directory Sites

Writing articles takes more effort than directory submissions. But it can pay off hugely if you write a great article that gets picked up by some high PR sites. If you're not sure how to write, you can outsource a good ghost writer. The key is to find someone who can capture your voice.

3. Write an Exclusive Article for a Higher Page Rank Sites

If you write great articles, you have the potential of finding a higher PR site that you can offer an article to exclusively for a one way link.

When your site is new, a few inbound backlinks from high PR sites can make a huge difference for your own PR. When lower PR sites contact me for a link, I sometimes offer them the option of writing an exclusive article for me, provided, they can write on a topic that it is valuable to my visitors and complimentary to my site. It helps me during times when life gets too busy too build new content and helps them by giving them a valuable link.

Later, I make up for the link out from my site by finding at least 5 outside sources for getting backlinks to that new page on my site. You want to make sure you have more inbound backlinks than going out.

4. Post in Forums Related to Your Niche

This strategy will take you some time to find forums that not only complement your site, but also allow live links. But it worth your time because you'll not only getting backlinks, but traffic!.

You must find forums that you can post on. Keep on building respect and credibility away from your site. This will attract visitors back to your site. Those who want to know more about you.

5. Post Comments in Blogs Related to Your Niche

Please be remember that blogs are mostly personal. Though bloggers welcome comments, they are not fond of remarks that are added for the sole purpose of a link. You need to tread lightly on blogs and always "Keep it Real."

6. Answer Questions at Yahoo Answer

Pick the right question, then give a good answer, and you'll get amazing traffic from Yahoo Answers. Last I heard, there was no follow tags on the links back, but MSN and Yahoo still register these as backlinks.

Use the Advanced Tool to find questions really targeted to your niche.

7. Contribute to WiKipedia and WikiHow

Even though no follow tags are placed on the links back from Wikipedia now, MSN and Yahoo still register these as backlinks. Wikipidia has been a great source of traffic and backlinks. A link from Wikipedia also contributes to page strength.

You have to read and understand Wikipedia's policies and be prepared to face the possibility that others may remove your links. Read the Wikipedia TNT article and the Wikipedia posts in the forums. They'll give you helpful tips on how to post to Wikipedia and hopefully avoid having your links removed.

Writing and contributing to WikiHow is also valuable, but follows some tough guidelines. Be sure to read and understand them before posting.

8. Set Up a Squidoo Lens

The verdict is still out on this one for me. There are times when I get traffic and see backlinks from my squidoo and other times not. From what I can tell, a squidoo needs to be well-maintained to serve you well. But in the early stages of link building it could prove to be more valuable. The more exposure you can get your site, the better.

9. Become a Content Provider

The bottom line is the most obvious doable method. It may the toughest to do. Getting backlinks is giving people a good reason to link to you. Think about it. Sites get linked to for a reason: usually if they provide the most information or the best resources on the particular topic.

Is there any reson WHY people should link to your site? How is your content? If you don't know how to write well, ask the writers if you can use their stuff. The answer is usually yes. The writer gets a link from you. And you get a great content.

Remember that getting backlinks in from other sites, the most valuable backlinks in, are targeted links that relavant ott your site's overall theme. Building a number of one way backlinks in will benefit you in so many ways.

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