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What Will You Receive from My Initial Free Keyword Analysis Service?

You'll receive a 14-pages report search engine optimization keywords analysis on your selected webpage with recommendation for improvement.

This content optimization report will tell you in detail how well your page is optimized for your keywords today and will guide you in changing your webpage in the way that you can reach top rankings in the Search Engines. Information on the report includes...

  • General domain statistics and its popularity in social media
  • Link value distribution statistic for all website pages
  • Top 10 competitors of your specific keyword on a specific page
  • Keyword density, keyword count, optimization rate and its score (how important your keyword is for your webpage, from the point of view of search engines)
  • Figure their most effective optimization techniques


You can use this report as a stating point to continue developing each of your webpages to SEO friendly pages with proper content optimization recommending from the expert.

Why Keyword Analysis is Good to Your Site?

In the Internet world, people enter one or many words into their favorite Search Engine to find their solutions or perhaps to buy something. The purpose of building search engine optimization (SEO) webpage is to use those words as a key to get a lot of new and free targeted web traffic through high rankings on the major Search Engines. It's where supply meets demand on the Internet.

You plan to build a Website, and if you have taken the time to research and analyze the best keywords for your Website, you may acquire a very long list with many keywords.

  • How do you add those keywords to your website?
  • What is the right number of keywords per page?
  • Where are the best places to put it on?

Performing keyword analysis can be relevant to a few different areas through the process of a success Web-based business building.

The best start is at the very beginning of your researching for a profitable niche. It's even before register a domain name and remember that it's not last there but it just begins.

Keyword Research

In order to become a successful Web business owner, you not only need to get tons of Web site traffic to your site but you need free, well-targeted Web traffic that ready to buy from you. Therefore knowing what your potential clients are looking for is the first major task. And you can achieve that by performing a smart keyword search strategy to see and analyze your potential clients behaviors.

Normally, there are demand and supply in the world of business. High demand is fantastic but high supply may perhaps not good. This comes to the value of competitor keyword analysis as well. If you have a webpage built, the 14-pages report will show you all winning keywords that push your top 10 competitors to the 1st page of the search engines.

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Content Optimization


Focus on writing a valuable content webpage that always deliver the best solutions to your potential clients is the highest priority of content writing. The Search Engines simple cannot and will not ignore a solid content site. They need you (so they can sell advertising) as much as you need them. The highest priority of content writing is 100% for humans.

How To Optimize a Web Page for Your Chosen Keyword

When you optimize a web page for a chosen keyword phrase, it's important that the right elements of your web page contain the keyword in the right frequency, right position with proper density. Your webpage need a proper keyword prominent, keyword frequency and keyword density. Every keyword factor has an influence on your web pages. It is definitely not only factor that Google uses to specify the position of your website in the search result pages.

Polish content page with keywords that align with search engine optimization best practices is the way that your page can be found by your targeted readers through the search engines. This is how your webpage can reach top rankings in the Search Engines. And you have no doubt that it’s where you will meet your targeted clients who search for their solution using the same keywords phrase you wrote on your content page.

The easiest way for you to start optimizes a web page for a keyword

Use an initial keyword analysis service for free. You have nothing to lose. You will receive a 14-pages report that will tell you in plain English the status of your web page and provides a recommendation how to change for the better search engine friendly page.

Whatever trendy tricks SEO you were finding out off page, the first thing that takes care of your Website is each pages coding and content. Remember that the whole SEO campaign built upon the foundation of on-page optimization.

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Home Page is Just ONE Page - Your Website Has Many Pages!

Many webmasters try to optimize their home page for every possible keyword. That is a wrong approach.

A single web page is best optimized for only one keyword. It challenges to optimize the page for more than one, and if you want to take that challenge then it should not more than three keywords.

The keyword can consist of several words, for example "keyword density analysis, keyword analysis tools, free keyword analysis." If your homepage has been optimized for "keyword analysis service" then you should not optimize it for another keyphrase.

Optimize One Keyphrase and Get High Rankings for Many Search Terms

You should always optimize your web pages for a much targeted keyword that consists of many words. A keyword that consists of many words is called a "keyphrase".

By optimizing your web page for a keyphrase, you automatically optimize your web page for the parts of that keyphrase. For example, your web page will automatically be optimized for "keyword analysis", "free keyword analysis" and other keywords if you optimize your page for "free keyword analysis service.

    big quote Optimize one web page for one keyword and optimize as many pages of your website as fordifferent but related keywords. The more pages you optimize, the better.

It's much better if a web page is highly related to one keyphrase than somewhat relevant to many keyphrases. You can find more related keywords phrase that attract much higher potential targeted web traffic naturally by researching the long tail keywords. If you concentrate on one keyphrase per page then it is much more possible that your web page will get a top listing on Google for that search term.

If you also want to get high rankings for your other keywords phrase such as "google keyword analysis", "keyword ranking analysis" or "keyword services" then you should optimize other pages of your website for these keywords.

With many pages of your website that optimized for many related keywords, your website will look relevant to the topic of your selected keywords.

Optimize different pages of your website for different keywords and you will get the best results with each keyword. It's less complicate as well.

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Remember that the whole SEO campaign built upon the foundation of on-page optimization.

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Keyword Ranking Analysis

To steadily get free targeted Web traffic from the Search Engines over times, you do need to perform a keyword ranking analysis because your competitors are around the world. You can do it manually if you site have a few pages. But you definitely need a professional keyword ranking analysis tool that will keep monitoring your web site ranking and make a report for you to take further actions.

Website Traffic Analysis

Web Site Traffic Analysis Tools allow you to see who is visiting your Web site, how many times they visit, when they are visiting and you can see if those visitors convert into leads and sales.

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