Keyword Strategy - Turning Keywords Into Targeted Web Traffic

Is your SEO missing the big picture? Do you have a keyword strategy? Are you putting too much trust in an SEO company? Does your content management system let you down? Are developers in control of your site's content?

Keyword Strategy Simplifies Your Site to Meet the Searching Needs of Your Targeted Traffic and the Spider

Writing web pages without an effective keyword research is not only leading you easily getting lost in the overwhelming of information but also lost direction as well.

Unless you know your target audiences well, know their specific problems, then you are ready to build web content. You can achieve that by looking at what they are searching for. Moreover, this is the right way to establish a solid online market position and profits.

Key Points

With good keywords strategy, it is possible to grow highly targeted web traffic organically without heavy marketing expenses.

Why the keyword strategy is so crucial to an online success? I encourage you give answering to these significant questions...

  • Would you rather hunt for customers, or make yourself available to customer hunting for you?
  • How much you plan to spend for an advertising cost in order to drive highly targeted web traffic every day.
  • How much is a first page Google Ranking worth to your business? have no doubt now!

Video Tutorial : How to build an effective keywords strategy

Keyword Strategy I – It Starts With the Site Theme

Your site theme is your niche market. You can think of many ways to write about your business. However, the written phrases should not only describe your business well, but it must be the popular phrases that people think of them first when searching for your type of product of service that you're offering.

Gathering ideas for your site theme by thinking of things you like or enjoy doing, things you are passionate about. What skills have you learned in your job? What do other people say you are good at? When you have your big list of ideas, choose three things that interest you most.

Why three? If you have only one, you won't have anything to compare against. But when you have three site theme ideas, you can find the best one through a process of elimination.

An effective keyword search strategy will provide a solid foundation, upon which you will be able to build your site’s content effectively. Those content pages are about topics related to your site theme. Simply think of your site theme as an electrical current running through a house: it’s available in every room.

Keyword Strategy II - Research the Long Tail

As a small business owner, "The Long Tail" is your world. Recent researchs have proven that a site optimized for long tails keywords for a given topic are consistently productive with high conversion rate.

"The long tail" phrase came to our perception by Chris Anderson, executive editor of WIRED magazine. His book is a "must read" book. If you understand The Long Tail, you understand the future of small business, how you fit in, and how to capitalize upon it. The book tells you why the future of business is selling less of more.

Keyword Strategy III - Discovering 1000s Keywords

Most Internet marketers perform their keyword research on a single word and stop. And they usually perform their keyword research only one time. That way, you'll not get ultimate results. Keyword research is an ongoing process.

If you’re serious to succeed online, you've got to spend enough time and effort finding out the phrases most of your customers use when they search. You'll need not just 20-30 keywords, you'll need hundreds - and many of the most successful Web businesses have thousands of keywords.

The more keywords you have, the greater number of people who will find your website. The more people who visit - the more targeted traffic you have - the better chance you have to increase your sales. It's really that simple, and that important.

Keyword Strategy IV - Get Keywords Ranking Analysis

Once all on-page and off-page improvements are done it’s time to check your search engine rankings to track the effectiveness of your search engine optimizations. You can do that by performing keywords ranking analysis reports.

Keyword Search Strategy for New Sites

Start with setting up a keyword search strategy that ensures you have choosen a profitable niche. Investing your time at this early stage is definitely worth your efforts. Hurrying now can result in regret, and almost certain failure later. Learn more about...

Keyword Strategies for Establish Sites

First, deploy web traffic analytics and get insight into your web traffic activities. The tool will help you analyze their behaviors for purposes of understanding and optimizing your content. It also helps you doing the market research and discovers new trends.

It was Benjamin Franklin who said, "Those who fail to plan, plan to fail," Plan to invest enough time to develop your keyword strategies thoroughly.

keyword research made easy

Keyword Strategy Tips

Finding profitable keywords - Where and How?
Keywords with a high search volume and a low level of competition can bring you quick profits. It takes you less than a minute to get the competition metrics about your target keywords that were previously only available to Google engineers.

Video Tutorial : How to build an effective keywords strategy
To succeed you need to organize your site into a hierarchy with a home page, and the keywords the home page will target...

Achieving higher rankings with effective keyword strategies
MarketingSherpa survey reveals the most effective SEO tactics for its seventh annual Search Marketing Benchmark Report. They surveyed 2,194 search marketers to discover their opinions on which search marketing tactics have been working for their business.

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