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Before moving to online copywriting course, let me make sure that you've purchasing my guide, Writing Kick-Ass Website Sales Copy.

Kick-Ass website sales copy

And I hope you found it useful and have been able to successfully apply some of the best practices I described.

Now it’s time to build professional-grade expertise in EVERY aspect of online copywriting.

But...writing sales page and landing pages is just part of the story. As I am sure you know, there are countless other pages on a website that need as much careful attention as a sales page - not to mention email, e-newsletters and so on.

This is why I wrote a complete online copywriting course. It tells you exclusively how to write for the web. While Writing Kick-Ass Website Sales Copy covered sales pages, my course covers every aspect of web site copywriting.

This online copywriting course is about becoming one of a very select group of online copywriters who are true professionals in this new medium.

It is called Copywriting 2.0 - Your Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy that Converts.

Here's the driving thought behind the course...here's what I was thinking all along:

This online copywriting course is going to help copywriters become true online professionals. It will give them the skills and knowledge they need to speak to their employers or clients and say, "Yes, I know exactly how to help you make some big improvements to your site, emails and e-newsletters. I can see the points of weakness and I know how to fix them."

Here's the thing...

There are plenty of copywriters who know how to write web content or a single-page sales letter.

But the real and growing opportunity online right now is for web writers who have a much broader skill set.

Companies and organizations desperately need a professional copywriter to help them with their home pages, their subscription pages, their content pages, their navigation links, their link text, their pages layouts, their meta tags and more.

They don't JUST need someone to write web content or a sales page. They need a qualified professional to help them take on the full complexity of a site that may have ten pages, a hundred pages or ten thousand pages.

They ask questions like:

"How can I optimize my three-page subscription pathway?"

"How can I improve the internal links in my site?"

"How can I improve conversions on our main category pages?"

"Is the design of our landing pages reducing conversion rates?"

"How can I increase clickthroughs from our email campaigns?"

When you take my online copywriting course, you'll learn the broad skills required to answer and address all these questions, and many more, with absolute confidence.

I wrote this course with three intentions:
  1. To turn every reader into a professional online copywriter.
  2. To give every reader the skill set that is most in demand in the online market right now.
  3. To give every reader the skills that command the highest salaries or fees.

And then reaping the rewards.

With Copywriting 2.0: Your Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy that Converts you'll learn:

How to write a great home page
– In my online copywriting course, I show you seven key things you must do in order to prevent site visitors from hitting the “back” button on their browsers once they land on a home page. Plus, I give five questions your visitors must say “yes” to once they land on your page.

Five ways to build up your visitor’s confidence
– If your customer doesn’t trust your website, nothing else really matters. You’ll learn five ways to build up a site’s credibility in your reader’s mind so they always feel comfortable.

A key rule your web page must adhere to below the first screen of text
– This has been tested over and over again, and 99% of the time it’s found to be true. I show you how to keep your customer reading once they scroll down past the first screen.

Seven points how to write web content pages that easy to read
–The longer your visitors stays on a web page, the more likely they are to either sign up or buy something. I show how to make every page you write easy to read and understand.

A powerful technique to take your customer from loving your product to buying it
– Do this and you’ll make your web sales skyrocket.

How to write a powerful subscriptionpage
– Often your client may want you to write a page that prompts their visitors to sign up for a newsletter, a forum, etc. I show you everything you need to know about writing a subscription page that gets the results your client is looking for.

When you should never use a customer’s testimonial
– There’s a certain type of testimonial that could actually lose you business. I tell you how to spot it and why you should avoid it.

How to write an information page
– Web users love to go online and search for information.  But, there’s more to writing a good information page than just doing a text dump from a brochure. I show you how to write an information page that is useful to people without “selling” – but still leads to a sale.

How to write a great landing page
– A landing page is a web page whose task is to convince its reader to perform a transaction (often they ask for the reader’s email address in exchange for a free subscription to the company newsletter). There’s a big demand for people who know how to write effective landing pages.

Seven rules for writing text links
– Good text links can play a key role in keeping your visitor on your site. I give you seven rules to follow that will put you firmly on the right path.

Six ways to get to know your audience
– Knowing your audience is key to your success as a copywriter whether you’re writing online or offline copy. I show you six things you can do to really understand your audience so all the web copy you write is compelling and hits its mark with the reader.

A quick and easy way to understand people’s buying patterns
– It’s doesn’t cost a penny and it will give you a better level of understanding of the buying habits of your readers.

Your #1 task you need to accomplish when writing web copy
– It’s different than offline copy and you need to understand it to successfully writing web copy.

An important tip on how to work important phrases into your copy
– Most newcomers don’t think of it. I give you a tip on how to work keywords into your copy – in a way that avoids your copy seeming stilted and forced.

How to structure your web pages so they rank high in search engines
– I show you how to structure your page, and give you tips on how to guarantee both Google and your readers will love everything you write.

When I share this information as part of my consulting work with large companies, I typically charge $7,500 for the day.  

But you don’t need to pay anything like that, because the cost of Copywriting 2.0: Your Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy that Converts is just $497. 

And, as you already purchased Writing Kick-Ass Website Sales Copy, I’ll take $100 off the regular price. Which takes my online copywriting course down to just $397.

Buy now and you can take the first step in advancing your online copywriting skills right away. As soon as your order is processed, you’ll be able to download the complete online copywriting course immediately.

That way, you don’t have to pay shipping and handling, or wait days or weeks for printed materials to arrive. Plus, down the road … when I update the program again, you’ll always have instant (and free) access to all the latest information.

One more thing …

I don’t want anyone to feel buyer’s remorse after buying this online copywriting course. So I talked to AWAI (the publisher of the course), and they agreed to go a couple of notches better than their standard 30-day guarantee.

Actually, they did better than a couple of notches. If you buy the course now, you’ll get a full 180-day money-back guarantee. That’s six full months.

Get the online copywriting course today by ordering online

Best wishes,

Nick Usborne

P.S. Remember, the greatest opportunities are there not for copywriters who JUST write sales page or JUST write emails. The bigger rewards come to those who have a professional-grade expertise across ALL aspects of online copywriting. That’s what this online copywriting course delivers. That’s why I wrote it.