Increasing Sales - Put Web Site Traffic Analysis Tool In Action!

Web Site Traffic Analysis Tools allow you to see who is visiting your Web site, how many times they visit, when they are visiting and you can see if those visitors convert into leads and sales.

Analyzing Web traffic statistics can be a very useful tool. The objective of using Web traffic statistics is to figure out how well or how poor your site is working for its visitors.

Let’s take a simple way to determine is find out how long on average the visitors spend on your site. If they stayed short time, it usually indicates an underlying problem. Then you may define the areas that worth investigates some where around keywords whether it is a wrong type or the graphic may be too confusing, etc.

However, in order to make fully utilize this tool, you need to understand how to interpret the data. Normally, hosting companies will provide you basic Web traffic information. But, the data can be overwhelming if you don't understand how to use it.

There are four ways to perform web site traffic analysis.

Install a counter on you Web page

The Web counter displays the approximate number of visitors that have been to particular Web page.

Utilize your Web hosting data

Statistics supplied by your host are derived from Web server log files. These data will OVER estimate your traffic for the following reasons;
  • If someone loads an image or any non-HTML file from your site without loading an actual web page, the server logs will count a visit regardless.
  • If a robot, spider, or any automated process loads your page, your server logs will show a visit.
  • Server log reports separate visitors by looking at their IPs. People use firewalls that change their IP at each HTTP request, so every time one of these visitors requests a document from your site, the server logs will see a different IP and count a new visit.

Install Web site traffic analysis tools

Get to know your visitors by monitoring them to see where they are located, which pages they visit, how long they stay, etc. It's exciting while watching your visitors coming onto your site in real time. And you can continue analyst their behaviors and adjust your site for better conversion.

Outsource Web traffic auditors

The more traffic to your site, the more accurate your interpretation will become. The greater traffic to your site, the more precise Web traffic analysis will be.

Web site traffic analysis is critical to the long term success of web business. Knowing where your web traffic is coming from and what they are looking for on your site can help you improve your Web site's performance, increase targeted traffic to Web site and ultimately grow your profits.

By the way, you don't have to be a web-development guru to get insights about your visitors' behavior. Learn more about web site traffic analysis and discover what is happening to your site.

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