What are Keywords and How They Help Increasing Web Traffic

Answering to the question – what are keywords - can be differs widely from term of using. Anyway, “keywords” mentioning here refer to a specific meaning of index term in information retrieval. In fact, it's the term a surfer enters into a Search Engine when searching for something. These would be words like...

"Web traffic" and "Buy targeted Web traffic" or "Get free targeted Web traffic."

The term "keyword" includes single words as well as multi-words or word phrases. Naturally, most searches are not a single word searches but word phrases. Because with two or more words, searcher get more precise results. Anyway, we still call that multi-words entry a "keyword" even if it has 5 words in it.

A keyword is also the topic for the content of a Web page. All the other words on that page are "content"... information about that keyword/topic.

In addition, keyword is one of the key factors that  Web business owners should pay highly attention to it, in order to get high quality, targeted web traffic free!

Keyword and Web Traffic

When people search for something on the internet, they go to their favorite search engine search box and type in a word or phrases about their topic they are looking for. The words or phrase they type in is keywords. And those words will be used by the search engines when they include your web pages in their search results.

That's mean, by including those keywords into each page of your web content, you will somehow capture highly targeted traffic from the search engines. That is the significant answering to what are keywords and it is how keywords help you increasing web traffic.

There are key areas that play major roles in search engines rankings. You should keep practicing when writing your web pages with targeting for Google traffic, be sure to use your keywords in the following;
  • Your domain name!
  • First words of the TITLE tag, HTML heading tags H1to H6;
  • ATL text describes the images;
  • Content on your home page. It’s recommended to make the length of your home page at least 300 words with no hiding anything from visitors’ eyes.
  • Outgoing text link.
  • Drop-down form boxes created with the help of the SELECT tag.
  • Have some keywords in BOLD.

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